Song Length 3:33 Genre Rap - Progressive, Rap - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)

Love the groove

It's catchy and has great potential.

nice groove. I like the hook.

Oh my!! I would buy this song in a second. The intro is strong and immediately drug me in. Love the drum loop against the funky groove and it just keeps coming. Very VERY creative way of mixing funk/rock with the distorted guitar against the cool Urban drums and vocal vibe. It feels a little bit 80s or 90s but with current sounds and mix, putting the drums out front and the vocal right where it belongs. And then there's the hint of B3 behind things. That distorted guitar is genius my man! Great mix of odd sounds and vocal things popping in and out throughout. I'm a fan.

Well done! Solid guitar work leading the way on this well balanced music production. Vocals out front nicely. Keep it up!

Like it a lot..... good vibe

I love the concept and the groove is definitely there. Initially I thought the vocal was sampled from either Biz Markie, but then at points it almost sounded like a Christopher Wallace impersonator, which I found amusing. I could see this actually goin somewhere if give a little more time to put more meaningful lyrical content. Not that what is done is bad, just wasn't really sayin much. The instrumentation was cool, just felt like it was missin a good flow with some repeated sample type thing in spots, but still kinda cool.

I am a big fan of funk, and this tune dials it in cleverly. The rap part was nicely stitched to the rhythm. The recording was excellent as well. The chords and arrangement were unexpectedly better than a lot of the run of the mill crap you hear these days. So nice to hear a different take and actual MUSIC as part of a rap tune. Nice job! I can see a provider picking this one up.

Solid beat. Rapper has a great Biz Markie sound. There is a lot of originality in the beat, it isn't the same eight measure hook throughout the song that a lot of rap utilizes. The flow from different beats and mixing it up enhances the overall song. Well done.

This is not my favorite Genre of music, with that said.....this tune sounds pretty Hot, Hot, Hot!! The Vocalist's voice has excellent pitch and the music is super cool!! Got my little toes-a-tappin'. I think you could use a few more lyrics and develop the story a bit more. But I don't write this style of music, so this could be spot on....for all I know??
All & All and Good Job SIR!!!!!!!

Driving beat with lots of repetition. This song certainly has a memorable hook. Vocal is driving and dynamic; mix is great. Instrumentation and production tight. Slower than most rap artists - gives the listener a chance to discern the words better.

like the rockin beat, good balance on your instruments

Lyrics Gee Starr Music Gee Starr and Mad Scientist
Producer The Mad Scientist
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