You're All I Need To Get By - Radio Edit

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A fresh, jazzy remake of a classic Ashford and Simpson tune that was a big hit for Aretha Franklin and others. This is a new mix with some new piano parts and an edited length that's more radio friendly. Piano and guitar trade melody sections as heard in the original versions.

Song Length 3:57 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, R & B - Soul
Lead Vocal Instrumental Mood Cool
Era 2000 and later

OH LOVELY!! There are so many things I like here I won't be able to list them - the mix is clear, pristine, perfectly balanced, everything is just singing in the mix and there is a percolating energy that just doesn't quit - especially love the ebb and flow, like a river that pushes and turns elegantly and yet powerfully - what eloquent piano, expressive guitar, listen to that organ! and the bit of funk in there really sets it apart - well everything is soooo exceptionally fantastic. Really really really really enjoyed this.

Wow - funky bass, a great groove, great guitar work, and Joe Sample on piano! Or at least some heavy channeling of Joe... This is an impeccable track, and a great song. It is very well recorded, and I love the unexpected little bits like the wispy vocoder bits, and the sparkly sequencer climb in the middle of the tune.

Really, really nice, very commercial, and a great listen!

Really well-mixed with outstanding tone on all the instruments. I particularly loved the growl of the bass in between pops. Really suits the song. This is top-notch stuff.

Nice, swinging groove. Melodicism from gitgo. Never a dull moment. Excellent performance. Funkiness downright infectious. Is this a cover? (I ain't heard everything :). If not, I offer you my sincere respect. This is an all around great modern jazz composition and performance.

I was not aware that music smiled as this does..... happy, x 10..... great...........

Music Ashford & Simpson Producer Eric Montgomery & Ray Legnini
Publisher Sony Performance Eric Montgomery & Ray Legnini
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