On The Wrong Side

Story Behind The Song

What made this one come together for me were all the heartbreaking stories of refugees around the world fleeing for their lives --- reading stories and seeing photographs of terrified parents with their children, whose homelands are so lawless and dangerous that their only hope is to travel impossible journeys, to try to beat impossible odds in order to simply live. And if they're lucky enough to survive the journey, they face even more difficulty as they attempt to navigate a new country where many inhabitants will see them as a threat, having been whipped into a xenophobic frenzy by fearful, misguided leaders. This song is meant to be a powerful, heartbreaking depiction of this ongoing tragedy.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tense, Poignant Subject Justice, Frustration
Language English Era 2000 and later


Ain't no way at all
To release this aching fear
That fills all of us here
Lock it up inside
There's no place left to hide

Ain't no way at all
To know what we're heading for
What waits upon the shore
Washed in with the tide
And I'm still on the wrong side

Still on the wrong side

You follow anybody that might know the way
You search his eyes to find what it is you oughta say
And you know nobody's listening when you sink down to your knees

Ain't no way at all
To know where I'm free to be
Or what my eyes will see
Let 'em take me for a ride
I'm still on the wrong side

Still on the wrong side

I guess I might never find
Somewhere that's really mine

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