22 and Single

Story Behind The Song

I went back to school and my new classmates didn't know how old I was so some thought that I was 22 and single while others heard that I was 30 and married, so I made up a story.

Song Description

The man goes out with the 22 and single attitude and then realizes that you can't go back to that lifestyle because he loves his wife too much

Song Length 3:31 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Engaging Subject Girlfriend, Wife, Marriage
Similar Artists Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later


22 and Single
Written by Drew Rice

Well, I?m thirty and married, my life was going just right
Till me and my woman, we had a big fight
She packed my bags and wanted me out of her sight
So I?m 22 and single tonight

Yes I?m 22 and single tonight
And now I?m sitting in this bar all-alone
But there?s this pretty young thing
She?s got me in her sights
Well alright
Cause I?m 22 and single tonight

Well we danced and we talked the night away
And over the music I heard her say
Would you like to go with me back to my place?
Well OK, cause hell I?m 22 and single anyway

Then as we were walking out the door
I thought of the woman whom I adore
And I couldn?t play this game anymore
Cause I?m not 22 or single any more

No I?m not 22 and single anymore
And now I?m riding around all-alone
Because my wife?s in my heart down to the core
No I?m not 22 or single anymore

Well I pull in the driveway; it?s a quarter to four
My wife is waiting for me at our front door
She says I?m sorry and I love you
Girl I love you more
Than before
An d as I hold her I thank the Lord
That I?m not 22 and Single anymore

Well I?m thirty and married and I have a great life

Lyrics Drew Rice Music Drew Rice
Producer Drew Rice Publisher Drew Rice
Performance Drew Rice Label Drew Rice
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