Upside Down Tutu

Song Length 2:46 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Charming Subject Courage
Similar Artists Cyndi Lauper Language English
Era 2000 and later


Upside Down Tutu
© Donna Dennihy 2013

My tutu was sewn on upside down
My tulle it went up when everyone's went down
But I didn't know 'til I read the back of the photo
Written by my mom to the woman who sewed it on, she wrote
You made my little girl look like a fool
You said you knew what you were doing with tulle
I want my money back and then she signed her name in black
And I read it again, I checked the picture and I saw it then

And in one second I was spun around
One moment a star, felt like I lost my crown
But now I know from seeing that photo
That I'm still a star and that tutu took me far
Now I always wear my tutu upside down
I wear it when I can, I wear it when I'm down I'm down
And when I feel like a fool I just slip on upside down tulle
I put on my crown and the real me I've found

My tutu has a message that's profound
Look in you closet or the closest lost and found
Find a tutu and wear it upside down
Like a smile from a frown

Take a bow and wear it 'til the end
Stay true to yourself never pretend
To be someone that you're not, give you your best shot
And put your self-conscious self on the meta self-awareness shelf
Say goodbye to fear of what you lack
Other people's perceptions should not hold you back
Throw out self-consciousness it's something you should try to repress
Look at those people out there With overactive egos and they don't care

Lyrics Donna Dennihy Music Donna Dennihy
Producer Donna Dennihy Publisher Donna Dennihy
Performance Donna Dennihy Label Donna Dennihy

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