Snowflakes on My Windowsill

Song Description

Remembering a lost love

Song Length 4:48 Genre Jazz - General, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Regret, Falling in Love


Snowflakes on My Windowsill
Words and Music by Craig Hlady

The first time that I met you, I I never would forget you,
sparks would always light up the sky.
Cold nights I layed beside you, It seemed I was inclined,
to fall in love, it was such a thrill.
As the snow fell outside, we made love until,
I'd melt like the snowflakes on my windowsill.

When love comes to early decisions may be hurried, we both chose to go our own way.
Now, as I look back, it took years for me to know that,
you're the one who would warm my chills.
As the snow falls outside, I think of you still,
how I'd melt like the snowflakes on my windowsill.

Once in a life you might find the one,
with them you will let your love grow strong.
It's then, you must take the ball and run,
or your life just goes on, then your here and you're gone.

All I have is reminiscing, of holding you and kissing,
your lips for days at a time.
Things they haven't changed much,
still I feel your touch like yesterday's just gone by.

Lyrics Craig Hlady Music Craig Hlady
Producer Craig Hlady Publisher Tower Ninety Music
Performance Craig Hlady and Friends with Rebecca Parris vocal
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