Where We Go From Here feat. Bo White

Story Behind The Song

growing up in a black community, moving into a "Projeck" falling into the "Project" But not quiting and becoming one of the status quo. Making it out, running.... Stop go back and tell others how to make it Face the East to save self Face the west to save others Hallelujah

Song Description

we all are somewhat familiar with drugs and the low part of life. but where do we go from here and how do we get there. there has been a trap set and a lot of us fall into it. The ones who make it out usually runs, just glad to make it. Im a Chief so I have to show the rest of my People the way before its too late. Hallelujah

Song Length 3:04 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Peaceful Subject Life, Freedom
Similar Artists 2Pac Language English
Era 2000 and later


the game is something my people seem to inherit and live but ask yourself.

where my people go
where do we go from here

from pissy cots, to kick ball hide and go seek
jacks, and hop scotch. bottles and Eagle stamps
cause the hustle just don't stop.
graduated to blocks and glocks
attracted rocks packs and clocks
day time was kinda hot
night time it don't stop
like 30sec. sam sending car to the chop shop
push tis you popped by the cops
hit the county I bond, back out
with a new scheme on the block
cut the lights out
tighten up security, bring the bikes out
ant no running up to cars let'em get out
money like this how can we get out?
of the Project
of the Program
that was set to hold us down
its a Project not the Projects!

Lyrics Marlin Thompson Music Chief
Producer Chief Publisher Chief
Performance Chief Label 5 Gallon
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