Story Behind The Song

Sometimes life is tough and we wish we had a lifeboat. But sometimes we don't choose to use the lifeboat....

Song Length 3:29 Genre Folk - Americana, Pop - Alternative


(Charlotte Sands / Bonnie. Warren; BW - 610-420-9388, 2015)

We all think it will be easy
Til we learn how hard it really is
We're all thrown into the ocean
And then we're supposed (expected) to swim

Feels like we keep getting stuck (here)
Trying to hold our heads above the water
It's hard to put our eyes on the shoreline
Just gets farther and farther

Are we fools for
thinking we can work it/ this out
Don't it feel like we've been sinking for a while now
Don't know why we/I always chose to stay
Watching, as the life boat drifts away

We keep fixing what's been broken
Hoping that (CHANGE) will make us safe
But now it looks like there's a storm comin
Will we make it thru this rain


Maybe one day these skies will no longer by grey


We may be fools for
thinking we can work it/ this out
But I don't wanna keep sinking -Rather try than give up now
Maybe that's why we always choose to stay
Watching as the life boat drifts away

We don't need that life boat anyway.
(MIGHT NOT need that lifeboat anyway)

Lyrics Charlotte Sands/Bonnie Warren Music Charlotte Sands/Bonnie Warren
Producer Chip Martin/charlotte sands/bonnie warren Performance chip martin/ charlotte sands
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