D Scarlatti - K 54 (out take)

Story Behind The Song

BBC school's TV used to use a wonderful tune for the 2 minute run-up to its programs. I later learnt that this was K531 but that had me hooked on Scarlatti's music from a very early age. That music inspired me to learn the keyboard and then Wendy's Well tempered synthesiser took me on to building and playing synths.

Song Description

K54 in A minor multi-tracked on the synth with several tone colours. Traditionally it should be played in binary form but this realisation has only 1 version of each 1/2 so there is only the 2nd version of the linking bar.

Song Length 2:12 Genre Classical - Baroque, Electronic - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Era 1700 - 1799
Lyrics Instrumental Music Domenico Scarlatti
Producer Blob_B Publisher P.D. (everynote,com)
Performance Blob_B
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Clean Clean

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