You had nothing to say

Song Length 4:06 Genre Folk - Alternative, New Age - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Cool, Peaceful Subject Joy, Loneliness
Similar Artists Pink Floyd Language English
Era 2000 and later


Trying to reach the ground.
turning upside down
(Yeah eah yeah).....

Trying to reach the ground,
as the world came crashing down
You had nothing to say.....

Trying to catch the sounds,
of places left behind.
Trying to read the signs,
that echo through my mind.....

That echo through my mind.....

(Guitar Solo/Instrumental)

Beautiful melodies and harmonies, very well done. You have the ability to convey a lot of emotion in very few words, not an easy thing to do.

Loved the overall vibe of this ! Some lovely harmonies throughout .

Very nice job. Loved it!

The first thing that catches me is the pleasant, easy to follow melody. Not just any new age melody, either. It's crafted well so that it sounds unique. The song is meditative, contemplative, ethereal. The guitar and female vocals are exquisite, all arranged masterfully. I enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed this piece

:20 seconds in and it's great, there's your hook, by 40 seconds I hear your influences. Really nice lead vocal sound and style. Very sweet vocal harmonies... heck there are great harmonies and sonic wonders everywhere. Such a great guitar recording The love put into the electric guitar solo theme, so good. Female vocals are inspired and heartfelt. Is that cello? and piccolo? The lyrics match the song so well... one complements the other so well.

Very relaxing, chilling, and haunting piece. Wonderful harmonies and background vocals, as well as instrumentation. A very great, memorable riff. Not usually the kind of music I listen to, so I couldn't tell you who out there today it sounds like, but go back a few decades and it sounds a little like Simon and Garfunkel meets the Moody Blues. Hardest part was trying to guess the title. It could go about a dozen ways. I thought about "Dreams", because it almost sounds like it could be something in a dream. Really good work.

nice job keep up the good work

This song has a nice sweet song. It is very relaxing. I like it. The vocals and background vocals are great. The instruments are great also. I like the beautiful guitar picking and the nice sweet melodic leads. Nice song. Keep it up!!

Lyrics Ante Novaselic Music Ante Novaselic
Producer Ante Novaselic Publisher Novasolo Publishing
Performance Ante Novaselic

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