We're Cooking

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Chemistry in the kitchen - food for curious kids

Song Length 5:14 Genre Unique - Children, Unique - Children
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Congenial Subject Vegetables
Similar Artists ZZ Top Language English
Era 2000 and later


We're Cooking
Copyright © 2010 Amy Skelton Otey & Alexander v. Otey

We're cooking, we're cooking
We're cooking in the kitchen, yea, yea yea!
We're cooking, we're cooking
We're cooking in the kitchen, yea, yea yea!

What are we gonna make? What are we gonna bake?
It'll be something great - something good!

Measure and mix it, use science to fix it.
Choose good foods because you are what you eat.

Veggies & fruits grains, nuts & seeds.
What your body needs. It's chemistry at its best!

Let's make butter for our toast!
So - first you wash you wash your hands,
Then get one of your little brother's baby food jars and pour it half full with heavy cream.
Tape the top shut with masking tape.
Then shake the jar for about 10 minutes it's going to feel like forever but -
keep your eyes open because you want to watch the changes that happen in the jar!
The cream will turn into butter because as you shake it,
the molecules of butterfat collide, smash and stick together.
The clumps get bigger & bigger and they all stick together.
The water molecule part of the cream is left as the liquid and the butter is floating or suspended on the top. Untape the top - scoop the butter out - spread it on your toast and
Yummy, Tummy you've just made toast with shaken butter! Mmmm that's good!


For Crying Outloud Onion Soup
Get out three onions one white, one red and one yellow.
With your adult helper you are making a special soup
that has magic anti-inflamatory, anti-cholesterol and anti-oxidant powers. Watch as your adult helper to chops the onions into fine bits.
Now - when the onion is cut, it breaks the cell of the onion causing a chemical chain reaction. The enzymes break down the sulfides which generate sulfenic acids which make a gas which gets released into the air.
When this gas reached your eyes, it reacts with the water in your eyes to make a sulfuric acid
which tickles the nerve endings in your eye causing them to sting and tear up. And they make you cry!!!. That said - Put the onions into a big pot of boiling veggie broth, add a pinch of this and a tad of that and there you have it - For Crying Outloud Onion Soup!


Popped Corn
So at the end of fresh corn season, walk out into your local corn field.
At this point the corn is about as high as an elephant's eye!
Have your adult helper reach up and pluck an ear of corn. Take off all of the green husk and all of the little fine hairs called silk. Then - set that corn out to dry for about 1 week. And on day 2 watch the squirril run off with it! Agh! So let's do it the easy way, go to your cupboard and you get out a bag of popcorn - and have your adult helper follow the directions about popping. As it starts to sizzle, take a deep sniff and smell the popcorn. Now listen very closely..POP!
The moist heart of the corn kernel is covered in a hard starchy shell. When the corn is heated, the moisture in the kernel turns to steam and the heart gets bigger and bigger and bigger - and the shell busts open POP! Did you know that each American eats about 54 quarts of popcorn every year. That's a lot of Popcorn! And let's give a nod to Percy Spencer who in the 1940's helped to invent the microwave. He used lots of popcorn for his expierments and today microwave popcorn accounts for about $240 million dollars in sales each year in the US. So hats off to Percy and everybody POP, POP, POP!


Lyrics Amy & Alex Otey Music Amy & Alex Otey
Producer Alex Otey Publisher Amy & Alex Otey
Performance Amy & Alex Otey Label Ionian Productions, Inc
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