Just an Ordinary Day

Story Behind The Song

Losing someone very important in your life

Song Description

Struggling with loss of a significant person in your life

Song Length 4:43 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Standards
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving, Troubled Subject Lover, Time
Similar Artists Anne Murray, Celine Dion Language English


Just An Ordinary Day - (C) Copyright 2011 Alexander V. Otey (31-JUL-12)
************************************************************************ Begin *
It was an ordinary day but one I won't forget
cause the feeling is not like before
and things just can't remain the same when you
looked into my eyes and told me good-bye

On any given afternoon, when time drags on and on
I can think of a million things that just have to get done,
but every one of them doesn't matter, since you told me good-bye

and I may never see the light because the
miracle of you has left my life and
I don't know where to begin
cause every one of us believes in what we see
and only time will tell the truth of what will be

and I won't ever feel the pain, of those
experiences deep inside your head, but I will try to find a
way, to keep those memories inside my heart, and let you
know that all the things you did (in life), meant so much to me

Just an ordinary day making plans to carry on
and it makes more sense to me now
as I look upon the past and hold onto
what you were as I whisper in reply good-bye

when you say to me good-bye

Lyrics Alex Otey Music Alex Otey
Producer Amy & Alex Otey Publisher Alex Otey
Performance Alex & Amy Otey Label Ionian Productions, Inc
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