Another Chance

Song Length 4:24 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


(A Olafsdottir/A Whitmore)

Baby, it?s hard for me to think about
Think about all the things that we?ve been through
But hey, what can I do? When I feel this way
About you, & I never really gave you a chance
To say that you loved me
?Cos I pushed you away when all I wanted was
For you to stay
I can see that you?re hurting
When you say my name
But honey I?m not the same

Give me just another chance to be
Another chance to be
Loved by you
Give me just another chance to show
Another chance to show you
That you?re so good for me
Give me just another chance to love
Another chance to love you
And make you happy
Give me just another chance to be
Another chance to be
To be wanted by you

All I can say to try to explain why I?ve behaved this way
I?ve been to scared to give my heart away
?Cos I?ve been broken hearted
And I never want to feel that pain again
I know it?s not fair on you
Baby it?s true
Oh it?s true
So what can I do?
To unlock the steel bars that surrounds your heart
Baby where do I start?


Remember our first kiss
Remember our first song
Remember our first dance and how we got it wrong

Remember our first tears
Remember our first night
Remember our first dream and how we talked all through the night

Remember our first look
Remember our first hope
Remember when in Paris how we wanted to elope


Lyrics Alda B Olafsdottir Music Alda B Olafsdottir/Andy Whitmore
Producer Andy Whitmore Performance Alda B Olafsdottir
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