The Bomb

Song Length 3:56 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


(Alda B. Olafsdottir)

I know you watch me baby
When I?m walking down the street
I know you want me co?s your
Eyes don?t ever get to my feet

You make me smile, you?ve got a style
And you ain?t no creep
But when you try?n speak to me you just
Crumble, and stumble and mumble

That I?m the bomb I?m the bomb
And you wanna be the man
Be the man that takes me out
You gotta be good-to be with me

I?m the bomb I?m the bomb
And you wanna be the one
Be the one that stands out
You gotta be fly-to get with me
You gotta have mmm-to get a hold of me

What you don?t know is that I think about you night and day
But every time I see ya I just don?t know what to say
When I?m in class the teacher speaks and I just drift away
And when I try to speak to you I just
Crumble and stumble and mumble


If you wanna know what to do
And if you wanna be with me
Show me that your true
Give me that sincerity

Baby what are you waiting for
See me once you?ll be back for more
You?ll be back for more
What?ya gonna do about it?

Chorus to end


Lyrics A Olafsdottir Music A Olafsdottir
Producer A Whitmore Performance Cookie
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