Son de Boston was a 14 piece Salsa orchestra based in Boston, MA. It began as a showcase for my writing in Latin styles but is now a brand name for music licensing. Although the band is no longer in existence, I continue to use it as my brand.

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Our 1st CD--Bailando en Aguas Oscuras was voted "Album of the Week" by Solar Latin club, in Cali Colombia.

Son de Boston

Son de Boston is a 14-piece Salsa band that grew out of my research into Afro-Cuban and Puerto-Rican music. It became a vehicle for my transcriptions, arrangements and compositions of Salsa music and quickly developed into a performing unit.

The band is made up of faculty, students and recent graduates of the Berklee College of Music, in Boston Massachusetts.

At the moment, the band is on hiatus and has become a brand name for marketing Salsa music to the Salsa dance community in the form of instructional CD's for salseros (Salsa dancers). There are two CD's to date--Musicality with MetaMovements and Cha, cha, cha with MetaMovements (a dance company in Boston). These CD's are designed to help the dancer with their timing and musicality.

After recording our first CD in 2008--Bailando en Aguas Oscuras (Dancing in Dark Waters)--the band performed at various venues in the Boston area including the Berklee College of Music, Ryles Jazz Club and was a featured act at the 6th Annual Boston Salsa Congress in 2010 (a gathering of salseros).

In September, 2011 the CD was voted "Album of the Week", by the Solar Latin Club (DJ Chino), based in Cali, Colombia.

As I continue to do research and compose music, the band is morphing into a brand for music licensing and other vehicles.

The original lead singer and my co-writer-producer, John Escobar, continue to write tropical music.

We plan to record our next CD in 2012.

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Son de Boston
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Re: FT12AJ03--How can any company expect to administer a work in "perpetuity", without an escape clause if the company doesn't perform? Seems unreasonable to me.

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Son de Boston
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A song of mine is on the top 10 list for World, but I would like to upload a more polished version. Will this affect the top ten version? Thanks.

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