Jill has extensively toured the United States as a professional pianist. From the famed Roosevelt Hotel
in New York City to the Horton Plaza in San Diego.
Presently residing in Seattle, she creates piano compositions
with the influence of Mozart combined with the flavor of
John Williams, Chopin with a little Andrew Llyod Webber,
Beethoven collaborating with Hans Zimmer. With a unique
style all her own, Jill forges to the future to leave a valuable
contribution to the music world.

Latest News

Here are fresh new original piano solos for 2015 which portray different moods and styles.
The "Princess Di Roses" solo is a poignant, lush, haunting composition.
"Rose Buds" makes for a perfect lullaby and "Rose Petals" is a grand waltz which is
sure to set your toe a tapping.
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