Geoff Kraulik is a music composer, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist.  He creates instrumentals and soundtracks in jazz-fusion, contemporary classical, world and rock & roll. © 2001-2021 Geoff Kraulik. All rights reserved.

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The story behind the CD (2005)

Life is like a never ending movie. Picture the world as the stage where human deficiencies are the directors, mainstream humanity are the ongoing cast and each single life is an independent short film. Some life stories produce sequels while others simply end without a trace into the archives. The past can be represented by reruns of the same old script while the present is always in the making of and the future can be dictated by foreshadowing current events.

So think of this CD as the never ending soundtrack to life. It opens with a song titled "The Winds of War" as an intro to which can be applied to any part of the past, exists in the present (for those unlucky enough to be in its footprint) and will likely repeat in the future. The song itself suggests that war is inevitable and is on its way to a neighborhood nearest you. The next song titled "The Aggression" represents the obvious fate of those in the path of war. "Villagers & Spies" are the network(s) of traitors, slayers and heroes whose information is vital to their operation and to the opposition-can't have a war without them. Song # 4 "Spiders & Ants" (was originally called "The spider's web and the ant's demise") trails track 3 for obvious reasons set up by "Villagers & Spies". After all is said and done we hear the song "Visions of Aftermath", a song driven by despair & sadness. Just envision the pain of a war wrath community over looking the ruins of yesterday with the eyes of hopelessness. And now we reach the stage of rebuilding, hence the last track of the CD called "The End (of the old)...A New Beginning" which represents the rebuild process and the birth of new ways and ideas to live by.

In no way, shape or fashion does SIKYON promote nor protest the topics described within this article. The stance is neutral and the music was simply written as an obvious observation. The sooner humankind can learn to coexist by resolving our differences within the dynamic principles of thought at every level from every corner of the globe, the better we can all become as a united race of one common species. Having common and productive goals across the board is a benefit to all. ~Peace

The Unknown Path is on the way!

New song "The Unknown Path" is finished! It was mixed and mastered in Studio B at Winterland Studios in Minneapolis. The new song will be ready as soon as the final review process has been completed.


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SIKYON is a one man operation based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. All music written, performed and recorded by multi-instrumentalist, Geoff Kraulik.

Native to Minnesota, Geoff has been passionately involved in music since 3rd grade. After excelling in 3rd grade music class, he was encouraged to participate in 4th grade school band. He was excited to choose an instrument, but the delay in choice resulted in limited selection of available instrument chairs. Final instrument options were tuba, clarinet, oboe, or slide trombone. Even though drums, saxophone or trumpet were desired, he chose slide trombone from the remaining options.

While maintaining a second chair status, the music teacher recommended that Geoff and first chair trombonist audition for the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony (GTYCS). After being accepted into GTYCS during the 5th grade, Geoff played Orchestra Hall and O'Shaughnessy auditorium under conductor, Karen Olson. In addition to high school band, he was also involved with middle school jazz and marching bands.

While in high school, his musical tastes and passions changed directions and gravitated towards electric guitar driven music. Geoff traded in his slide trombone for an electric guitar and amp. At age 17, his first guitar was a black Fender Squire Bullet with a Fender Champ 12 amplifier. With immense excitement and anticipation, Geoff dedicated all of his free time to learning to play guitar.

Geoff started writing music about as fast as he could learn how to play guitar. He did manage to play in original bands (and two cover bands); The Berry Jam (cover band), The Bad Dogs (cover band), Raw Meat, 1000 Pleasures, Industrial Honey (formally Crypto Ginkgo) and Lewiston Stutters.

That brings us to the present where Geoff is the force behind the music project SIKYON. Geoff is also enrolled with Berklee Online, an extension of Berklee College of Music, pursuing an BA in music business and contemporary songwriting.


2005 CD cover art designed by Ryan Droogsma.

Photography by Leanne Williams & Darlene Grover.

Logo created by Mike Malaske.

"The Unknown Path" was mixed and mastered in Studio B, Winterland Studios by Daryll Hurst.

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Geoff Kraulik
over 30 days ago to Geoff Kraulik

Two new pieces of music, "Wrath of a Tsunami (Japan)," and "Living Hope" are posted online. They should be listened to in that order since one is the prelude to the other. Enjoy.


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