SharaLee is a singer and songwriter from the West Coast of Canada. Her musical journey was sparked when she was a child in church. She was always pushing herself to become a better singer taking different programs and studying different methods to find her authentic voice and sound. People have always compared classic artists when asked who SharaLee sounds like, so it's no surprise that she has found a home creating soul music. With influences and inspirations coming from R&B, Gospel, Funk and 70's rock'n roll she blends some modern sounds with oldschool vocals creating a unique style with retro Soul at the heart. SharaLee won an Akademia Award for Best Song and was nominated for a Music Love Award for Songwriter of the Year. She is currently
collaborating with her musician husband on a 60's Soul album.


SharaLee is a Canadian Soul singer and songwriter. She grew up in a musical family and made her first appearance on the church stage at the age of five, with her mother accompanying her in harmony. Many family gatherings were filled with music and everyone played an instrument or sang. Naturally,studio work eventually followed. SharaLee started with several cover demo albums and a trip to Nashville to meet with some industry professionals and record in their studios. She eventually found her voice in writing, singing and recording. "Postcards" was SharaLee's first self penned album. Produced by Canadian music veteran, Norm Robideaux, who along with his band and industry professionals from Montreal had planned an international tour for the album. Due to some unforeseen legal problems, this tour was cancelled before the album was completed.
In the Spring of 2015, SharaLee teamed up with songwriter/producer Mark Zubek (Grammy-winner Betty Carter) and co-wrote her single "Together Again". With more of her personal style, she found her own voice in songwriting with this endeavor. With a soulful R&B/gospel approach and a tinge of Country thrown in the mix - "Together Again" is a resurgence of her church roots. "Together Again" won an Akademia Award for Best R&B/Soul song and was considered for an Etta James Biopic.
With the growing opportunities for artists to license music for ads and TV/Film, SharaLee took the following year to study in a music licensing mentorship to learn how to create and license highly sync-able songs. Her newest single "You Can't Stop Me" is a catchy song with a driving baseline and empowering lyrics reminding the listener that no matter what anyone says, you have the power to do great things.

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