In July of 1997, a debuting satellite televised program called Ministerz Of Tha Underground brought to homes across the world a dying art of true underground Hip Hop. The show broadcasted artist and venues in the hottest underground music scenes across the United States. After this foundation was laid a royal assembly was put together on November 9th 1999 through the vision of Ministerz Of Tha Underground forefathers, Eleazar Tha Last Testament, Lord Knowledge, Roldan Militant, & Optix.

The program evolved into a higher cause forming a record label of the same title. With the foundations of the now Ministerz Of Tha Underground in place the formation of a new recording group emerged from depths of the East Coast underground. Consisting of “Eleazar Tha Last Testament, Lord Knowledge, Roldan Militant, Optix, Optimus Rhyme, Man Of War, Stress, Kaoticgal, Black Seed, O.N.E., & Planit”. Who’s common cause is to represent the true art form of underground Hip Hop that has been forgotten
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Best secta 7do you have [Secta 7 - Ministerz Of Tha Underground presents: Prophecy Unfoldz: Jerusalem Manuscriptz] 2003 album Download zip rar file link please Greeting Darrel

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