Second Chance was created in december 2008 by formers Jose Jankunas and Carlos Abia from Venezuela when they finally added Enrique "KIKE" Soteldo and Cornelio Yanez to the band, it is meant to be a rock/alternative/hardcore band under many influences like Escape The Fate, Underoath, A Day to remember, and other bands, all songs are recorded and produced by Jose Jankunas, and all songs are written by Second Chance. Hope U like our music.

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Recording in a studio!! Not in my house anymore! haha [Jankunas]

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Jose Jankunas and Carlos Abia have known each other for many years and they always wanted to have a good rockband, they both played guitar and they both knew how to make great musi and Jankunas knew how to write good lyrics, they both never studied music, they learned everything they know by themselves. On december 2008 they finally found a drummer and a bass player and Second Chance was born

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