Sandy Stehling plays "eclectic acoustic music." His repertoire is diverse, different, and engaging. It includes classical music, ragtime, blues, American folk, Celtic traditional, and his own compositions. As one would expect from a man his age, Sandy's musical attic is chock full of memorabilia, some of which he actually recalls acquiring.

Sandy started playing guitar in the folk music boom of the sixties. In the lively folk music scene that existed in Madison, Wisconsin, he was first exposed to traditional American folk music, blues, bluegrass, and related musical styles. In the mid-70's he studied at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, earning a degree in classical guitar performance. There, he built a firm musical foundation from which he could explore his many musical interests.

His music is clearly a labor of love. His musical philosophy could easily be, to paraphrase a famous Milwaukee slogan, "Live to play, play to live."
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