Sam Utah (semuteh for Frank Herbert fans) is a California composer who writes complex but mellow progressive new age music that can create an emotional, spiritual and sensual experience for the listener.

Sam Utah Music

Sam Utah's music is based on his breakthrough brainwave damping technology whereby a sense of beauty and well being is felt while listening to the music. The listener will feel more in control, more intelligent and have a sense of immortality but more and more compelled to listen to Sam Utah. Sam's goal is always to bring a sense of beauty and the preciousness of the moment into his music. Sam usually avoids drums and rhythms and keeps his music ethereal and spiritual as well as romantic.
The music was found to be three times more affective than placebo sounds in a double blind test using himself as a test subject. These tests were validated by anecdotal effectiveness when applied ambiently to ADD students. These two cuts are from Sam's latest album - Rainbow Rider, the title song and Love Like the Sun - the Message of the Rainbow. Rainbow Rider includes guitar work by Brian Kennedy. Check out more samples on CDBABY or, or listen online at

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