"'Angry Planet' is an all instrumental CD with no vocals and no other extraneous bullshit to get in the way. It's just plain musical poetry. This is power guitar music to the extreme and this shit is so good that lyrics and vocals aren't necessary. To say that Kazerooni is a talented guitarist is like saying Pamela Anderson has big boobs or George W. is a dickhead. It's just a fact, plain and simple." - Steve "Snidermann" Snider - RoughEdge.com

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My latest project, Light It Up, has now been released! For more information please visit my website www.samkazerooni.com!!


Joe Satriani, Tom Scholz, Jeff Waters, John Petrucci, Vito Bratta, Doug Aldrich, Kane Roberts


Sam Kazerooni started recording his own guitar-based compositions at age 15. His inspirations at the time were mainly 80's metal bands, influences such as Annihilator, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and a host of solo guitarists; Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen to name a few of many.

In 1997 Sam decided to further his career options in Dubai and met Rob Storm, ex-Verve producer who eventually helped him record his first album, Vision, comprising of 16 instrumental rock tracks. Two years later the album was complete, and in early 2000 was finally signed to a local record-label, SIDI, then a licensee of BMG (now BMG Middle East North Africa).

In March of 2003 Sam was introduced to Canadian producer Paul Herspiegel. Along with Abhorred death-metal drummer Pravin Mukhi, and roughly eight months later, Angry Planet was born, a 16 track tour de force of instrumental heavy-metal.

In 2006 along with Kiran and Tarun Sequeira work started on Delve, his latest offering at the time comprising of a barrage of progressive rock tracks and ballads. Delve was released in 2007.

Sam Kazerooni has received numerous mention in Middle East based magazines and articles and has seen several positive reviews on North American and European rock and metal webzines. He is a member of SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and is currently signed to an indie American label, Fossil Records, based in Godfrey, Illinois. He is the creator and owner of Sagaris Publishing Ltd., which is also his sole method of distribution.

Sam is currently living in Vancouver, Canada and has just finished work on his new self-produced album, Light It Up, released January 2011.


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