TSB is proud to announce the release date of their new cd "RAISED ON THE RADIO" available at all shows and will be at an online retailer in one week...

JEFF SABLE - vocals and guitar
MIKE DOWNING - saxophone and ewi
JAKE HANSELMAN - drums and percussion.

BOOKING: 314-435-9156 FAX: 314-480-7050



The Sable Band has seen many incarnations and several name changes over the years. Through all of the different incarnations and evolutions, one thing has remained the same, Chris and Jeff Sable. From its most humble beginnings, The Sable Band has become a full time entertainment enterprise. Playing five to six nights a week, running an independent record label and recording studio, and writing new songs for their publisher all makes for a full schedule.
The Sable Band has had its share of experience, touring clubs through America and Europe, several House gigs, corporate and private events and always exhibiting impeccable professionalism. The current Sable Band consists of Jeff Sable on guitar and lead vocals, Chris Sable on bass and backing vocals, Mike Downing on sax, midi wind controller and vocals, and Jake Hanselman on drums. This particular lineup has a collective experience of well over twenty years in the music business. Depending on the size of the event, or budget Sable can perform as one, two, or three pieces, as well as the full four-piece band.
A diverse songlist, an array of original material and top-flight musicians has powered the engine that is The Sable Band. The focus of the brother’s Sable has always been writing songs that people can relate to. Many of The Sable Band, also known as Valo, songs have ended up being part of peoples wedding’s, special events, and several have appeared in an independent movie. In early 2004 Jeff and Chris inked an eleven song publishing deal with ACM Records out of New York, www.acmrecords.com, and have one of those songs, “Subconscious” featured on an nationally released CD, Make A Star vol. 4, www.makeastar.com. Chris states, “if people cannot understand and feel your songs, you have not done your job as a songwriter.” Coupling feeling with commanding confidence on their collective instruments has made The Sable Band a positive experience for many clients’ events.
The Sable Band has been featured on St. Louis television and radio many times, and carries a list of club references that reads as a who’s who of the St. Louis club scene. Fast Eddie’s Bon-Air, Harry’s Restaurants, Aqua Vin, Chevy’s are but a few of the many satisfied clubs that The Sable Band frequently plays. Many corporate organizations, colleges and charities like The American Cancer Society, Pre-Coat Metals, SIUE, Lewis and Clark College, Etc. have all had successful events with band as the entertainment.
With a new record in the final stages and a constantly evolving set list, the continued success for The Sable Band seems eminent. Whether you are planning an event, or looking for great songs, The Sable Band definitely will not disappoint.

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