Welcome to the powerful, art-filled music of Ukrainian musical Wizard, Sergey Rybytskyy.
Sergey's albums show the many sides of his musical skills and writing talent.
His musical landscape is quite dynamic, highly original and even unpredictable in scope. Rybytskyy's stuff is a very dynamic and fascinating catalogue of music. The music is highly original and not so easily pinned down during the first go around. Its strong suit is the amazing musical depth, impressive musicianship and impressive theatrical quality. The musical textures are compelling and full of variety. Sergey Rybytskyy clearly displays some brilliant creativity and an enormous amount of talent was required to write these songs. His music is definitely a dynamic and progressive musical statement that offers a lot of musical variety via vivid sound and brilliant creative energy.

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Sergiy Rybytskyy is a neo-classical composer. The piano lured him in at the tender age of seven.

He pursued the instrument like the famous character in "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe. He followed that call like the latter followed the heartbeat under the floorboards! That haunting call has never left Rybytskyy. Instead of attempting to resist the attraction, he allowed it to run wild.

Rybytskyy continued to fine-tune his craft over the years. He attended many courses from the Dnipro Music College in Ukraine. He also took private lessons from talented composer and piano virtuoso Vladimir Skuratovsky. At the same time, Rybytskyy was leading a second life. He was an engineering school student who began a career in the mining engineering field to pay his bills. When Rybytskyy left the mining world, he was in the mindset of songwriting and recording. Rybytskyy's musical influences cover a vast range, from J.S.Bach to Rob Lane and Marty Friedman. The primary drive of his music is to create an emotional experience for the listener. His sound is original, lively, and refined.

While his main goal is to compose soundtracks, Rybytskyy's music tells a unique story.

His main instrument is the keyboard. Still, there is also a variety of other instruments in his works. This allows him to get a wide range of sounds to create a palpable atmosphere. The sound invites the listener to escape into the artist's musical world. Rybytskyy's debut album, "New Vista," received praise among music fans and industry insiders. It explored classical, prog-rock, romantic, ambient, and neo-classical music. The album didn't follow the usual formulas of most music of that era. Instead, it veered toward a diverse tone with ambient sounds and driving drums. Amped Sounds marveled at Rybytskyy's ability. The artist combined many influences to create a "musical experience within itself." Indie Music Digest stated, "New Vista is a dynamic and progressive musical statement. It offers a lot of variety via vivid sound and brilliant creative energy." Rybytskyy wasted no time to release a follow-up: "In Labyrinths of the Soul." Many people admired his sophomore album too. Many reviews mentioned the ease with which the listener can get lost in the music. Rybytskyy amazed the journalists at Middle Tennessee Music blog. In particular, his ability to use the keyboard to sound like other real instruments stood out.

Tuned Loud! called the artist a "true pioneer." The blog remarked on how his songs are "complex and interesting, but no inaccessible."

A&R Factory was also very impressed. The site discussed how the "many layers of wonderful music" add to his vision. His layering makes the tracks "refined and glorious."

Hands Off Promotions remarked that the album sounds like "Tim Burton's take on a classic." Rybytskyy's relentless drive will not allow him to rest. He has already been accumulating material for upcoming releases. You will also hear some of Rybytskyy's work on television and film. He signed many non-exclusive and exclusive deals. This means that he collaborates with publishers and music libraries for commercial use. Still, he is always willing to work on new music, putting his impressive passion and skills first. He keeps creating amazing cinematic songs, soundtracks and compositions for music libraries. He has just released two new albums on absolute Music Library and Cielo Music. The first, ABS417CD Unity, has a very special concept dealing with the idea of war and peace. The latter is a very touching work, focusing on the pain and the tragedy that the current war in Ukraine, the artist's native country, entails.

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