"IT'S ABOUT TIME I GOT HERE!" RUGBY is Columbus OH's newest import. This Detroit native reaches you by way of Toledo OH. Raised on the soulful singing of his mother DiaryLynn and the unbelievable talent of the rest of his family, his influences include the Motown Sounds such as Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and many more. Blessed to be a perfectionist of production, RUGBY produces his music (Wake Up Music) with a crew of fellow like minded and talented producers he hooked up with in Columbus(B Jazz & Rob Riley also known as DeiselMeet Ron Riley of Fatty Koo and Mackey). Self motivation has been the drive behind 'Wake Up Music' which revives music with classic samples and the original sounds of gospel/jazz/soul giving yo mamas music new life. We encourage you to enjoy!

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over 30 days ago to RuGby

Hey RuGby - Stopped by and listened to both of your tunes and completely enjoyed both of them. I would listen to either one of these on the radio and I would encourage my children to listen to them. I appreciate the honest non-pretentious approach. Can't wait to hear more.

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Clean Clean

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