Sounds like Hip Hop and Soul meeting in a dark alley to discuss what the game has been missing. So dapper, so sleek, so suave, so stylish, so classy, so cavalier, so proper, so bravo. The def. of fresh to death...the return of cool. It's Swagger Music. Enjoy.

The Void's Perfect Fit

He grins, as if he knows something we don't. You know the look. It's something similar to the laugh of an evil villain, when he is tickled by a diabolical plot of world domination. Or perhaps, that ear to ear smile of a mad scientist, as he mixes together two elixirs to make a new potion with extraordinary power. As Triumph adjusts the brim on his hat so that it barely exposes his eyes, I'm convinced this is exactly what is going on in his head. Fortunately for us, the difference between a madman and a genius, is the measure of his success. Let's just say the future definitely looks bright for this new promising star.

Born Troy Durio Jr. in the commonwealth of Virginia, music and poetry have always been a love of his. Using the inner city's pain as ammunition for his content, young Troy took on the moniker Triumph and teamed up with long time friend and producer James "Bravado Soul" Ells. After the maturation from several independent releases and dozens of online campaigns, Triumph Royale is now ready to make his sound known worldwide. Equipped with savvy, braggadocios punch lines, spoken passionately with swagger and grace, Triumph prides himself in his versatility. Few can match this perfect balance of substance and style. With influences from Hip Hop to Funk, his range is a mixture of commercialism and revolution.

I don't know, maybe he does know something that we don't. Maybe he does have a plan in store to conquer the world, but as I re-play Triumph's song "Make It Hot", I am definitely looking forward to seeing what it is. As the speakers erupt, I'm firmly swayed...Hip Hop is alive.

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