Ron Chassner has written and produced three independent albums since the early 1990's and since 2000, has been recording in Nashville. His style is a crossover between folk-rock and contemporary country. His influences have been Paul Simon, James Taylor, Neil Young, Bob Dylan,early on, and now new inspirations include songs from Alan Jackson,Keith Urban,George Strait,and Tim McGraw. Combining meaningful lyrics with a fresh country flavor, Ron has enlisted Nashville artists and recording studios to achieve a powerful collection of songs reflecting loves, losses, and legacies--money, bills, dogs, break-ups, motorcycles, and on and on.

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Going back into the writing studio. Presently working on 5 new tunes. Goal is for new album. Plan return to Nashville in July or August to hit the studio. Stay tuned. Ron

The Music Found Me

I can not remember a time in my life when music didn't play a major role. As a small child, I remember singing an inspirational song called "I Believe". I grew up in the 50's and 60'a, so beginning with Elvis and moving into the era of Rock and Roll fostered my interest.
Influences including Dylan, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Crosby-Stills-Nash-& Young helped shape my early lyric-writing. The Beatles, Beach Boys, CSN&Y, and BeeGees were very influential as evidenced by the extensive harmony throughout my original music.
I started at age 14 playing in my first rock band and have never quit. In the 60's I played with a group called the Gents Five, and was priveleged to open for great bands including: Simon & Garfunkel, The Byrds, The Yardbirds, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Rascals (I played Felix's B-3 atop of the 15 foot high stage at "The World") and Pete Best (the original Beatles drummer) sat in on a set with us at the North Miami Beach Auditorium in 1965.
After the Gents Five, I played in a group called The Leaves of Grass. We scored a record deal with Platinum Records and two of the songs from that deal are on this site. They are All This Is Right, and City In The Rain. Both were recorded at the world-famous Criteria Studio-hangout for such greats as Bob Marley, Clapton, CSN&Y, BeeGees, and many more.
Today, I continue to play live gigs doing classic rock-n-roll with my band (Been There-Done That), acoustic folk (Thursday and Sunday nights), and for the last 8 years, country music. I have enjoyed great times and made great friends in Nashville at Jay's Place where I get to hear my music come to life with the talented guys and gals recording them. You can hear many of the songs done there, right here on the web-site.
I hope you hear something you like. You can also hear my band on my BeenThereDoneThat page: (copy and paste)

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Hey Doc, You Probably dont remember me as a young 15 year old with a Compound fracture of the Tib Fib in 1985 but I just want to say Thank You for everything!! Love the Music Take it easy!!

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lol btw My name is Brian Neff

Ron Chassner
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I've been a member for years. Put my personal website together through Broadjam. I've submitted many songs. Even had a few forwarded.

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