Robyn Mackenzie's influences range from the retro to the modern, including Joan Jett, Nirvana, Tame Impala, and Levitation Room. Her work has been described as "psychedelic, textural arrangements of haunting harmony rock" and has appeared on podcasts "Songwriters & Original Songs" and "Offbeat" on internet radio station "Spanish Rock Shot Radio." Robyn has collaborated with artists from around the world, from Canada to Norway. She released her first album, "Of Dreams and Dust" in 2010, then went on to release her EP "Fluorescent" in 2016 and album "Wild Heart" in 2020.

Her songs range from contemplative acoustic ballads to driving, energetic pop-rock. With catchy choruses, mysterious lyrics, and soaring harmonies, Robyn's songs explore love, loss, social justice, and spirituality with an unstoppable energy.
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