Rob Rennie practices everyday and works very hard at his piano stylings so that he may finally be awarded a free drink tab at the darkest, dankest, and most decrepit bar in Lowville, where he may quietly wither away in obscurity, occasionally cutting a CD or two full of his unique brand of white-boy bluesy-jazz confusion and laying songs on patrons that tell stories and touch hearts as only blues can, and having other infinitely more talented musicians pick up his songs an run with them. Upon reaching this goal, Rennie plans to make his long awaited return to cigarette smoking and finally discontinue his use of condoms. People who visit him hunched over the termite piano will walk away saying “…I don’t know if I was drunk or he was playing like s**t, but I can’t forget that one song…”

Press Info

* Working on new blues/jazz CD due out in the summer of 2003.
* Existing CD, “Songs by the Spin Cycle” available on Song “Two Fingers” reached as high as #2 on classical/minimalist charts.
*Keyboardist/pianist for “Skaie Zoe”.
*New CD, “Smile”, available online (1/25/03) at and CD Baby.
*Composed music for “Nothing Keeping Me” on “Smile” CD.


Rob, 32, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, but now resides in Newport Beach CA where there are very few dank bars. He has woodshed’ed for twelve years being mostly self-taught but over the past several years, privately tutored in music theory and blues and jazz technique. Early experiences range from playing Depeche Mode songs with friends to a several year blur of classical study finding particular focus on Chopin. Later, inevitably, Rob caught the blues and jazz bug and realized that that was what was always in his fingers dreaming of getting out. Rob’s technical experience spans keyboard/synth work in rock oriented bands as well as MIDI based music composition however he has never been a “synth guy”, uses a lot of presets, and bought his keyboard for price and it’s piano sound.

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