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Rob placed 1st place in a Talent Showcase in NYC (2003) for a performance as Jesus Christ Superstar .
He plays locally and is constantly worknig on new material.
Rob has been active in the music industry in many diffrent facets.
(singer/songwriter, producer, engineer, graphic artist, agent,... )


Beatles, Freddie Merc, DBowie, Alice Cooper, Wings, VH, Bad Co, Fast Ball, Alice in Chains, Maroon 5, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson


.Tributes to Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Queen, and many more.

2010- 2012 Van Halen Tribute Show
. Lead Vocals
. Local clubs NE Pennsylvania

2004- 2006 Jimmy Buffet Tribute (Son's Of A Sailor)
.Percussion and Backing Vocals
.Local clubs NE Pennsylvania, NJ Shore,

1997- present Classic Rock Trio(Chamuris & Brown )
Percussion and lead vocals
. Lead vocals for 90% of material
. Local club circuit (50 mi. radius)

1999-2008 Rock/Variety Band (Rareform)
Front/lead vocals
. Bookings, promo,and media
. Local club circuit (50 mi. radius)

1990-1996 Classic Rock Band (Chime)
Frontman/lead vocals
. Lead vocals 75% of material
. All bookings, promo, and media
. Local club circuit (50 mi.radius)

1996- present Recording studio
Seasonal radio commercials
Full demo packages including graphic artist

Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble 1996;1997
Summer courses in acting techniques and improve
(to improve stage presence)

  • Member Since: 2003
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Clean Clean

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