Ehrann Mehdan (stage name - Robbin Rayne)

born in 1977, in a small vilage in Israel, I began composing and singing since I remember myself,
I wrote my first english song when I was 15, and never stoped. I started a computer career, but never left aside my music. I played in 4 bands, mainly guiter, but also bass, keyborads. and even drums.
After getting a home studio, I started recording, my first ones were in gibrish, since I considered myself only as a composer, but soon I realised that the best lyrics will be those I write myself. so only recently I got out with songs that has meaning.
After getting very good reviews from the local music industry. (Helicon, NMC, Aviv Gefen from blackfield - a cooperation with Steven Wilson, Shlomi Shaban) and from family and friends, I decided to put it up for the world to hear.
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