Dont let the pretty face and sweet smile fool you for a mintue cuz aint nothin sweet about REVREM. Also known as the first lady of Madisons own Monsters Click Ent., REVREM has deffinitly been known to throw down with the best of them and murder all the rest of them. Alot of female rappers dont have what it takes to rock with the top dogs but REVREM has what it takes and more. REVREM has performed many shows at local venues including The Highnoon Saloon, The Anex, Skatz, and The Inferno as well as out of town venues in both The Dellz and Jefferson. With monster bars and a monster click, REVREM trully is a monster b****. So when that cd drop you emcees need to stop it and the rest of yall need to cop it. Money is the motivation, No Jealousy n No Envy thats the movement. Stayed tuned...

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Momma wishes you the best. I already know Who my winner is!!!

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Clean Clean

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