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As one of the earliest and most successful acts signed to the Contagious Records label in the UK during the early 1990's, RELEASE stood out along with only a handful of other artists of the time as pioneers of the Hardcore scene that was to eventually evolve into Drum & Bass.
Consisting of composer/musician/producer Nigel D. Broad and DJ Rush Puppie, the band's first single, 'Dance In Eden', became a classic anthem, played at raves and festivals all over the UK and Europe during the summer of 1992. After several remixes by other influential artists of the day (Interface, Sy-Kick), the band released the 'Spirit of Space' EP. Another success, this 4 track EP carried the band into 1993. After parting ways with Contagious shortly before the label went under, Nigel and Rush Puppie hooked-up with Deep 7 Records to release another single - 'The Jungle' c/w 'Musical Movements', in 1994. After a brief hiatus while Nigel worked with Andy C and Ant Miles as part of Origin Unknown, RELEASE got back together one last time to remix tracks from 'Spirit of Space'.

After a long break, Nigel decided the time is right to bring back RELEASE with new material. While the sound has evolved, perhaps more mainstream electronica, the essence of the band's melodic hardcore sound remains intact.

About Nigel D. Broad

As one of the original Hardcore/Drum & Bass pioneers of the early '90s, Nigel had a string of hits in the UK under the artist names 'RELEASE' and 'Rhythm Junior', while signed to the Contagious Records (UK) label. After parting ways with Contagious in 1994, Nigel relocated to Los Angeles, California, working as a composer for film & TV. Since then, Nigel has composed over 50 tracks for the DeWolfe Commercial Library. Through DeWolfe, Nigel has had placements on many major network and cable TV shows and commercials, including a five-year run on CBS's Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Currently, Nigel is working on material for a new 'RELEASE' album, and remixes of earlier 'RELEASE' tracks. Google the web for more information - 'Release Dance In Eden', 'Release Spirit of Space EP' and 'Rhythm Junior'. Check out Nigel's work for DeWolfe at www.dewolfe.co.uk.

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