Solo Jazz guitarist

I have been playing jazz guitar for over twenty years, and I'm sure I have never played any tune the same way twice.

I studied jazz in the 1980?s at Western Michigan University. While attending WMU I was taking private jazz guitar instruction from renowned jazz guitarist John Riemer, scales, arpeggios, tonal centers, tension and release, that kind of stuff. It's great to know if you want to be serious about it, I did and I still do. It is always the funnest challange, and is most exciting to here what your next improvised line might sound like. Did you hit the mark that you wanted? If not, try again the next time around.

I was a member of a jazz orchestra at WMU and have also played with small combo and duo arrangements at many venues throughout the years. living and working in Northern Michigan is a dream.

As you will hear from my CD's I record at my home studio, I enjoy experimenting with computer generated sounds and

If you are interested in my bio. or other things, please visit my web site


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