To me, the world around has always been made up of mainly sounds. Scenery, people, the evening news, traffic,philosophy - I have always perceived them as sounds... Some of them remained simple noises, some stayed with me and fascinated or tortured me but when I let them out they simply came out as music.
We all see the world differently, we all have different ways of dealing with it, we translate what we see into a language that is our own only. My music is simply my own way of seeing the world and my own way of dealing with it.
There are images that stick with me long after they are gone, there are images that come while I play my instruments- the music I make is visual and by playing it I choose to re-live instances that take me away from the ordinary. Music allows me to change something each and every time, aren't I lucky?...

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Very sadly Radu Coza passed away in June 3013. His lifes passion was his music. I pray that some of it lives on throught Broadjam.


From a very young age, for Radu Coza, freedom and normality made sense in music. In Romania, behind the red iron curtain, a lot of things could not be said, a lot of experiences that ought to be part of the growing up process were strongly forbidden. For him, music became refuge and also a great disguise for the truth that he held dear. Only the initiated had access to it and only they could see that there was life and meaning beyond the lies and the nonsense of the communist propaganda.
He first learnt how to play the piano and cello, then gradually different instruments stirred his interest in achieving new sounds and expression. Wanting to get as far away as possible from the dull reality around him, Radu put most of his time and passion into various musical experiments, from classical to sound design.
Wanting to understand more about music than just playing it, he obtained a degree in Sound Engineering which allowed him to experience and contemplate music both as a composer but also as a sound engineer and producer.
Radu traveled extensively, from a deep desire to know and see as much as possible. The people, places and experiences he came across during this time became subject matter for his music that now had substance and meaning. An avid lover of good films, he also became interested in painting and photography, as new ways of expressing the images that populated his mind. For some, words are the best way of describing pictures. For Radu, music, photography and painting are the best ways of expressing his ideas and feelings.
Currently, the music he is mostly interested in composing is meant to accompany images; the themes written by him convey images and tell stories, they are full of substance and intensity, two qualities absolutely necessary for movie scores.
Nowadays, Radu lives in the city of Las Vegas, the city of lights, where experiments are always welcome- each day something new and out of the ordinary happens which ensures constantly that the artist has a story to re-tell in his own way. His music is definitely a breath of fresh air, often strange and dramatic, just like the life the artist has chosen for himself.

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