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Classically trained with a Professional Music degree from Berklee College of Music, Rachel Leigh McGoye has spent the last 4 years infiltrating the Los Angeles music scene. Expected it is, to be compared to other artists, but with such a unique sound, Rachel’s comparisons range anywhere from Dido, Fiona Apple and Paula Cole to Alicia Keys and Sade. As a songstress, songwriter, and performer, Rachel's influences are an ecletic mix stemming from her exposure as a child to roots and rock music to her own love of folk and r&b music. " I couldn't decided for years as a little girl wether I was gonna be like Janet Jackson, Or Carole King."
This free spirited, small town beach girl was born and raised in Stuart, Florida. Rachel spent her youth at The Center for the Arts studying ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip-hop dance, and performing across the state of Florida in the dance company, Contempra. Upon entering Martin County High School Rachel auditioned and was accepted into the competitive traveling show choir known as OPUS. She spent the next 4 years competitively singing across the U.S. In Los Angeles, Washington D. C, San Antonio, and New York.
Rachel had always somehow been involved in music since a very young age, but it wasn’t until high school that she became completely consumed by music, and knew that it was what she would do as a career. At the age of eight, her mother bought her piano and she began taking lessons. “ I always had a really good ear, and liked to write lyrics, but mostly I just played whatever I would hear on the radio then make up my own words over it.”

It wasn’t until the beginning of Berklee that Rachel began writing and composing her own songs. “Although the first few songs I wrote were hardly hits, I was slowly realizing that I might have a niche for writing a catchy melody- even if they were a bit cheesey. Hey I Made someone laugh!" Rachel has an uncontainable wit about her that she manages to perfectly balance with her complex, sultry, emotional side.
In November of 2006 Rachel McGoye independently released her first Acoustic E.P titled 'What Day is it?', which immediately attracted the attention of indie labels. " This album is the soundtrack to the last 4 years of my life in L.A. and I'm just soaking in where I've been and what lies ahead." In Spring 2007 Rachel McGoye plans on hitting the road with her band touring the U.S, and also recording an extended fully produced version of the songs from 'What day is it' along with a few others.

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