QUANTA is not just another "rock band". They employ overdriven guitars and rock drums at times, yes. But melding blues, funk, and gospel influences, topping that off with soulful vocals and 8 years of chemistry, Rybo, Sweddy, and CD have formed the one unmistakable QUANTA sound.

Biography of QUANTA

QUANTA first took its shape in the latter half of 1999, formed by Rybo, Sweddy, and CD. The then 14 year-olds had just picked up their instruments at the time: guitar, bass, and drumsticks, respectively. During the first few months, Rybo, Sweddy, and CD got together simply to jam and relish in their newly discovered outlet of music. Later on that year, QUANTA decided that if they wanted to make any headway, a guitarist was necessary in order to allow Rybo to concentrate on developing as a vocalist. Not soon after they recruited Kyle Johnson to fulfill that position, a classmate at their high school.

Rybo, Sweddy, CD, and Kyle recorded their first demo at five songs in November of 2001. The five songs were put up on their website and received a noteworthy amount of attention from out of state people and indigenous Clevelanders alike. However, QUANTA knew that it was easy to become stagnant in the music scene, so they began playing shows and writing heavily for another demo not two months after releasing their inaugural recording. During this time, Orion Drum Company out of Indiana got wind of the demo and offered CD an endorsement. After several months of high school and writing, QUANTA decided to go back to the same studio to record again. In the pursuing summer of 2002, QUANTA released Of Standard Aura at eight songs in length. With this cd came an increased amount of shows at higher profile venues and a more intense practice regimen. It was during the support of Of Standard Aura when QUANTA won a Battle of the Bands competition, beating out 19 other bands. A few months more of school, shows, and practice went by and they decided the time was right to go into the studio once more, this time only a three-song demo at Cleveland’s premiere studio, Metrosync. QUANTA opted for just three songs to get the taste of a professional environment – which of course came with a professional price tag. The demo was recorded over a three week span in January of 2003. QUANTA created a new website, and utilized the demo to continue cementing their name locally in the Cleveland music scene. By this time booking shows and networking became an efficient science, and more fans began flocking to the QUANTA sound. Soon enough they launched QUANTA merchandise. In September of 2003 QUANTA again felt the desire to get their ideas down on tape, so recording for another demo went under way. To record this four-song demo QUANTA went back to Moondog Studios in Kent, Ohio. They labored over the four songs more than ever before; in order to ensure that the funding would be exhausted before creativity. After approximately 50 hours in the studio, the demo was finished. Then came time to promote this; their dearest production thus far. Later that year in 2004, they entered and won the John Carroll University Battle of the Bands, beating out nine bands their senior. All of this occurred before the end of QUANTA’s first year of college education, each member the age of 18.

QUANTA released their fifth demo, entitled Stave the Martini, in 2005. The three songs on this LP were again their strongest yet. After considerable attention from this demo, QUANTA decided it was time to finally record a full-length cd.

Before the writing process for the cd began, QUANTA streamlined its line-up, returning to the original 3-piece of Rybo, Sweddy, and CD. They began writing intensively in the spring of 2006, and what formed were the best songs QUANTA had ever written. In December of 2006, after more than 300 hours in the studio, QUANTA released their first full-length cd. Entitled Have Moved You, this debut effort is layered thick with energy and emotion. It's an eclectic yet connected mesh of genres, from the electronic-influenced 'Dicey Neighborhood' to the delta blues of 'Sun Means Rain.' QUANTA preserves catchy sing-along choruses set with refreshing maturity.

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