Pureblend is based out of Nelson B.C. Canada. Their original music fuses many styles and influences including rock, pop, jam band, reggae, funk and electronic. Their compositions and jams deliver a fresh mash-up of talented musicianship and song writing, from poppy laid-back tunes with beautiful harmonies to psychedelic explorations of the universe.

pureblend was founded by Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter Andrew Cook. He discovered his mother's Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix albums at a young age, and has been hooked on music ever since.

His first instrument was the Cello, studying under a Toronto Symphony Cellist. As a teenager, He taught himself how to play the guitar, emulating guitarists from Neil Young to Angus Young.
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You're song Beautiful Day is, well... beautiful! Keep on playing. (BTW - I have a song "(It's a) Beautiful Day". Haven't uploaded yet, but it is nothing like your's, other than the title.

gordon chapman
over 30 days ago to pureblend

hi, i checked out a few of your songs. great works! rabbit hole was very fun. reminded me of charlie daniels a bit!

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