Mitch Goldfarb

Mitch Goldfarb

Title: Producer
Genres: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop
Status: Taking submissions
Song limit per member: Unlimited
Bio: As a writer/producer Mitch is a two time Grammy Nominee. His credits include Teddy Pendergrass (Grammy Nomination; Gold; Top… read more

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song: Old Shoebox
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Folk - General
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 155
song: Stupid Girl
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Rock - Classic
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 142
artist comments: Thanks again for the very helpful review. I already mastered the song. Any changes will have to come when I save up some more money on editing and recording. The ending will probably get cut for the radio mix. I don't think it's not hostile: it amplifies the frustration of a guy whose love interest keeps throwing herself into train wrecks of relationship while he had the ultimate solution for her all this time. He says "stupid woman" lovingly and protectively, and it's a hint at '70s blues. I knew it will be controversial, but isn't it a good thing in show business? Although the radio wants sterile lyrics... By the way I was aiming at '60s-'70s in terms of sound, but if it sounds '2001+ t you then we missed the target. Thanks again!
song: Karaoke Queen (Full version)
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Rock - Ska
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 138
song: Unrequited Love Feat. Kris Bradley

genre: Pop - Standards
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 180
song: Call of the wild
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Rock - Easy Listening
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 273
artist comments: Great recommendations! Thank you, Mitch. Happy Holidays! You could not see the guitar solo track because it's "private" -- I wanted to hide it from the public, but inadvertently hid it from you too. Completely agree about symbolism vs labeling and length of the solo. I'm getting tired of "bad love" songs. Next tune is going to be a joke-song!
song: Chains Of Love
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 409
song: Femme Fatale
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Folk - Traditional
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 159
artist comments: This was the first song I ever wrote, so I really appreciate your enthusiastic review and sound advice.
song: Do your worst! (Love is a lie)
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 610
artist comments: Thanks for the review, Mitch. A lot of food for thought, and a lot to improve. All the best to you!
song: Sing to me (My little star)
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Folk - Contemporary
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 593
artist comments: This are all great suggestions. You also confirmed my fear about the intro being too long. There's an attempt at a bridge, when the verse has 6 lines instead of 4 as the rest of verses, asking the rhetorical question, "Have I become a speck of dust...?", (in the original demo it was "..lost in the ocean of her past") but it could be a more prominent/interesting bridge. So you really think I give up the whole story too soon? Hmm... I need to think about that seriously... My tambourine timing is terrible; it almost sounds like just rattling, while the idea was to re-create a sound of train car rolling. I was hoping it can be fixed in post-production. Need to get a drummer! Thank you very much!
song: The taming of the wolf
artist:Maxim Senin

genre: Rock - Easy Listening
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 402
artist comments: Thank you very much for this thorough review. I agree that this song needs a bridge and/or instrumental solo, but so far all experiments with it took me nowhere. I will, however, revisit this song again for the full-length album, and have a real drummer. The arrangement is simple indeed, but I'm not a trained musician... No drum machine - I played the drums on the keyboard, which is probably why the tempo is uneven. You are right - it's a put-off. The "picking guitar" is actually a soprano ukulele. Every single one of your suggestions are great, I completely agree with them, and I can only add [an excuse] that I thought about them too, first when recording the single, and then later when recording new arrangement for the EP, but I think I still have so much to learn and discover, and I need more time in the studio. Well I suppose it's a lame excuse. The good news is that you confirmed what my intuition was telling me, so I was on the right path. Back to work then... Thanks again!
song: I Like You (Radio Version)

genre: Folk - Alternative
stats: playlists: 50 | song plays: 2604
artist comments: I would like to thank Mitch for taking so much time to analyze the production, arrangement, vocal performance, songwriting, etc., and for providing very useful and creative feedback about enhancing all of the foregoing. He was very detailed and professional. Yes, it was overall a very positive review for this particular song, but either way it would have turned out, he clearly put a lot of time and insight into his review. Very professional as well as inspiring for me to do even better. -SJ
song: Center of Everything

genre: Folk - Rock
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 109
song: Memories of One
artist:Tom Penikas

genre: Country - General
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 36