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Project Audio Storm

Project Audio Storm is the brain child of the Mississippi Composer, Norman Dalton Williams from Meridian, MS. Storm has a unique perspective on music and music creation. According to storm music is a combination of physics, mathematics, spirits and a whole slue of other combinations that are always working in concert to produces varieties of rhythm and melodies. You just have to listen to it.

Atomic Plowmule

Atomic Plowmule is Red Clay Rock n Roll; a unique blend of music influenced by life lived in and around the rural Motherland of American Music which could only happen in Mississippi. Featuring songs written by Ted Hennington, Fred Hennington and Storm Williams they are the third generation of two Mississippi Musical Families that is a legacy started back in the early 1900's still continuing today. The Legacy started with Fred's and Ted's Grandfather, Chester Hennington Sr and Storm's Grand Father playing live on WMOX radio in Meridian, MS in the 1930s as Odell Williams and the Coyboys. During the 1950's Ted and Fred's dad Buddy Hennington and Storm's Dad Ira Williams had there own rockin ensemble entertaining folks in the Central Mississippi Area. Now today APM is a three piece rock n roll ensemble from Meridian, Louin, and Union, MS playing regionally in southern Central United States. In addition to their originals showcased Atomic Plowmule can also provide hours of entertainment playing a wide variety of musical genres covering band like Lynyrd Skynyrd, the beatles, Hank Williams Jr. Pearl Jam etc. AP has unique way of blending the old and new appealing to a wide spectrum of generations and audiences. You have heard other great Mississippi musical legacies. You have heard 3 Doors Down, The Temptations, Jimmie Rodgers, Elvis, and BB King. Now hear this......... From the Red Clay Hills of Mississippi ATOMIC PLOWMULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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