I have been so blessed to grow up around some the music industries most gifted artist and I am thankful to have made some dear friends over these years. I am from the home town of the Everly Brothers and grew up going to the home church of The Happy Goodman Family .
Also one of my good friends is the CEO of the second oldest and highly respected recording studios in Nashville and is the former Beach Boys Mgr.Mr. Fred Vail. Fred has asked me to be his new VP of Marketing and New Artist Development to assist in searching for new talent to help point them to the top resources they need to be a success and I was of course honored and accepted.
I will be proud to refer any of the artist I find here for help as I feel broadjam to be one of the best resources in the world with a sincere passion to help protect and promote THE ARTIST.
I also would like to give congrads to Jason Aldean who records with us and is on his way to the top. I also wish you the best of luck on your sophmore album being worked on as we speak and that it blows the first away.
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