I'm a Southern Country Boy, a Homegrown Tomato- I'm loud and full of laughter, laid back, Fun to B around! I was born to a farming family, I growed up Feeding Chickens, pettings calfs (baby cows) and freakin' out over papa's fat sow. Summer nights staring up at the stars,
Helping bale Hay, and regretting peeing on electric fences...YEEOW!
But wait, There's More!
On my own time= If I ain't home mowing the yard, then You can find me daydreaming of the beach -fishing watching my girl grab kewl shellz or Lake Norman fishing. And Folks, that's not all!
I can speak other languages such as:
Broken Spanish, Boomhauer, Java Script, and HTML ( OKAy i speak Geek)
Here is some rather gregarian qualities about myself:
On 4/06/06, I became what is known in scientific circles as a cybernetic organism, or 'Cyborg'.(i.e. an organism that has both artificial and natural systems). Thanks CMC Northeast for my upgrade.
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