Presque Vu is your all-time favorite post-rap group.

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The journey of Presque Vu has had many twists and turns throughout the years. The project stretches all the way back to 2007, when Eddie "Johnny La Rock" Fleisher was a producer/rapper in the old-school rap outfit, Johnny La Rock & Mush Mouth. He decided he wanted to create a side-project that would focus solely on his love for beat-making, instead of the vocal heavy material with Mush. He hooked up with Furface (his real name is top secret) and Chris "chrismick" Mick, two DJ/producers who we're also involved with JLR/MM. The trio created one instrumental song as Presque Vu for the Necker Cube 2 compilation, and then went dormant.

In 2008, Fleisher went through a heavy breakup with his longtime girlfriend. If there was a silver-lining to the situation, it was that it inspired him musically. He began channeling the pain into songs, but knew the darker material wouldn't work in the fun-loving confines of JLR/MM. So, he decided to disband the group, to focus on a solo career.

In 2009, he decided to revive the Presque Vu moniker for himself, releasing it's debut, Capgras - Mick and Furface would appear briefly, but as guests. While there were several instrumental songs on the disc, they were in the minority - Fleisher sang and rapped on most of it, unleashing a barrage of raw emotions over a sea of mellow electronic beats. When it came time to plan a live set, Fleisher called on his old pals - Furface signed on to DJ, and Mush Mouth (born Aaron Donahoo) settled into the role of hype man.

During 2010, PV would evolve again. Furface's role grew exponentially, becoming an integral part of the project. It also cemented a strong creative partnership between him and Fleisher, making them an unbeatable team. In addition to his live presence, Fur was now equally involved in the writing and production process too, giving the group a slicker sound. They spent much of the year playing shows - performing with a backing band for a while - and working on a slew of material that eventually became the follow up LP. 210 And A Moustache was finally released in early 2011, and was quite the departure. The record was thick with catchy synth-pop anthems, with Fleisher abandoning his MC past almost entirely for singing. There were several instances of live instrumentation too, showing how truly versatile PV can be. 210 also brought more Donahoo - he performed backup vocals on many of the tracks, transferring his live hype role to the studio. The group toured for the album, playing several shows at SXSW, the yearly music conference in Austin, Texas.

Change - the very thing that started it all - came once again at the start of 2012, when Donahoo left the group. Fleisher and Furface will forge on, writing Presque Vu's next chapter as a duo.

And the beat goes on.

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