Scott McGinley has had "top 10" chart success in other countries as a songwriter, performer, producer, and musician. Scott has also released numerous acclaimed "underground" cd's and is currently making a living as a musician, songwriter, & producer in a suburrb of Philly. Future interests include songwriting for artists, tv/movies/jingles as well as production and releases of his own material.

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Top Ten MTV Asia
Baby he Loves You (McGinley)
Nothing (McGinley/ McCabe/ POP)
Run To Me (Bee Gees)

Independent CD Releases
The Insiders-All Mixed Up
PoP Is Art- In The Beginning
New Religion-Asian Diary pts 1 &2

Internet DVD Release

Bliss s/t (1999) Imago/ Tiger Star Records

New Religion “Something Worth Keeping”(1998) Paradigm/Modern Art Records

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Brian Wilson, Beatles, Bee Gees (the pop AND r'n'b years), Jellyfish, Lenny Kravitz


Brian Wilson, Beatles, Bee Gees (the pop AND r'n'b years), Jellyfish, Lenny Kravitz, Ray Charles, James Brown


“You have some great songs here.” That, coming from legendary producer Keith Olsen, was just what Scott McGinley was hoping to hear. Having just been signed to Imago/ Tiger Star Records, Scott was eager for a chance to work with the same man behind many of the albums he grew up listening to. Keith had produced Fleetwood Mac, Heart, and Foreigner among many others. Scott had just been signed to Imago/ Tiger Star Records by another legend in the music business, Terry Ellis- the founder of Chrysalis Records and discoverer of acts like Blondie, Billy Idol, and Jethro Tull. Scott’s career was about to rocket to a new level and his collaboration with Ellis and Olsen would eventually land him 4 Top Ten international hits, appearances on MTV Asia and releases in 7 countries.
Scott, hailing from Philadelphia, is the first to admit that he never intended or contemplated the possibility of releasing his material internationally as a first step. Like many songwriters he was pursuing the dream of getting a deal for his smooth blend of pop-rock originals at home and only then, if things went right, maybe he’d be able to “see the world.” But in walked Jeff Deutch to one of Scott’s club dates in New Jersey and everything changed over night.
Deutch was looking for an artist to groom and already had a plan to target the fast growing Asian market. With contacts already set up, especially the Hard Rock Cafes, Deutch convinced Scott to abandon the local clubs (more @

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