Howdy from Vancouver, Canada. This is Martin Clay, guitarist, tunesmith, and producer of Play With Clay. Here you will find a fusion of contemporary smooth urban r&b, chill and jazzy flavors with some elements of funk, hip hop. acid jazz, and nu jazz. You will hear trumpet, flute, sax and guitar with a generous helping of downtempo feel. So check us out and enjoy!

What Play With Clay is about.

Play With Clay is a production house where Martin Clay constructs tunes from the recorded performance samples that he has the license to manipulate as a producer and remixer. Some of the artists available to him can be seen in the gallery section of the menu bar. Martin also colaborates with other musicians in the more traditional compositional way of writing tracks, sometimes through exchanging files over the internet or just sitting in the studio working out things. So you are invited to check out the tracks Play With Clay has created and thankyou for dropping by the site.

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