Ultimate musical sounds that spans many regions..

Dance, Chill-Out, Ambient, and more.

Phijayy has made a name for themselves on moxposure.com/phijayy and are also selling world wide on Itunes

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PhiJayys first album "XceLeRaTE" has been released on iTunes.

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Phil and Jay started creating , music in 2004. Initially they created individually, the music was cool, even enticing. As brothers they are competitive, this caused some rivalry, as to who made the better music.

Their parents noticed the rivalry and made a suggestion, if the two of them made such great music separately, how would it sound as a team.

This did not go off at first very well, Phil and Jay took several weeks to get over their differences, and to look at each others strengths and weaknesses from an artistic perspective.

After perfecting their strengths, for instance, maybe Phil's strength is percussions, vocals, and Jay’s would be horns, background… etc.

The end product… PHIJAYY co- create, co-produce, sweet music, music that takes one on a different plane, from ecstatic, to dreams of all dreams, from running to floating on endless cloudless bliss, to cinematic, to hip and soulful.

PHIJAYY started their music on mixposure.com, where there music remains on the top 10 list, all reviews are positive.

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