Phenix is a rising pop artist from Nashville, coining her sound as "RoxulPop" - a blend of Rock edges, pop melodies, and soul infusions. Phenix's artistic persona is a true reflection of her being - theatrical, dramatic, and vibrantly intense. Her music vibrates with a passionate, raw energy drawing from powerful tribal warrior-like influences. Phenix has a voice with powerful range and the hands of Bach if he was also a poet. She explores Theatrical dramatic passages throughout her vocal inflections stretching from soul cry belts to tender angelic innocence.

Phenix is a visionary, composer, and writer. Writing and composing all of her music on the piano as well as having her hands deep in the production side. Working mainly with her in-house producer PlayDatBeatWeeWee, Phenix also collaborates with producers in the Nashville, Atlanta, and DC areas. She has many records with Major local producer whose produced tracks for Tori Kelly as well as Madonna, Mike Ewing.
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