Paul Stylus aka Paul Stirling Taylor has been involved in the commercial music business for more than 25 years. He has worked and toured with many bands across many countries in the world. His full-time career is now a composer/producer, and he has many film and television credits.

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Paul Stylus aka Paul Stirling Taylor started learning to play piano as a child (achieving distinction grade) and also became a soprano soloist for the Scottish National Orchestra Choir. He was also a recorder/ flute player, with general interests in electronic and orchestral music, and can turn his hands to percussion, as well as bass and guitar. He went onto making music with computers and became known as an international programmer, keyboardist, and vocalist and musical director through his live performances at major venues in the UK including Wembley, Birmingham NEC, Edinburgh Playhouse, as well as performing to thousands of people in many other countries across the rest of the world.

Paul adds:-

"For years I never questioned why or how I came up with music, and, to be frank, with exception to my tuition with the SNO and piano and recorder lessons I had as a child, I'm mostly self taught. The rest of my understanding of music has been through self discipline and many years of honing my skills and experimenting. I've been given a chance to make music in life. I feel grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I love being able to share it with people. I maintain an open-minded approach to making music, and, I will always ensure my music speaks from my heart.

When I start each project, I usually hear something in my head, and I begin playing a few notes and let my subconscious mind lead me - I don't question it - I've learned not too - because its possible to loose focus. It is also important to know when a piece of music should naturally change. There's definitely a 'sweet spot'. And finding that spot is my mission in life"

Paul spends many hours every day (through a labour of love) recording at his home studio in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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