Orion's music is what happens when you take an artist who grew up in Seattle going to underground shows and playing in death metal & grind-core bands with his father, give him pop punk and hip-hop influences, a pop sensibility, and top it off with master training in Reiki and a sense of spiritual consciousness.

With a healthy appetite for esoteric teachings and a gnostic worldview, Orion views the process of making music as alchemical. To him, the ability to communicate ideas and emotions through the airwaves with vibrations and frequencies is akin to magic.

On September 23rd 2019, Orion has unveiled his new double single, titled "Entitlement // Ov The World". Both songs are now available to stream on major streaming platforms! On this new release, the artist comments:

"Entitlement // Ov The World takes place in an imagined not so distant future. The world is slowly integrating itself with machines, losing touch with their humanity which has created a dystopian technocratic
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Hey Orion,
Thank you for the 5*s for GANGSTAS FOR GOD and HAPPY AND FREE! I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my tracks. Much Love, BFATAL

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